Join us for our 8th summer in the parks for this romantic comedy about the young King of Navarre and his three friends who swear off all worldly pleasures for three years in order to better themselves through study. Their plan is immediately put to the test when the Princess of France and her three ladies-in-waiting arrive on a diplomatic mission and the priorities of head and heart go to war!

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Brennan Bassett, Evan Bowen, Cody Carlson, Tom Conry,
Brandon Herring
, Garrett Hildebrandt, Jackson Hoemann,
Olivia Kemp
, Maddy La Roche, Mia Martinez, Adri Mehra,
Hadley Evans Nash
, Dominic Rodgers, Katrina Stelk, Alan Tilson
with Emily Afdahl, Bria Fowble, Alyson Hasner, Iris Hernandez,
Vincent Trainor
, Graham Schatz, and Gavin Webb
Directed by Hannah Steblay & Samanta V. Papke

June 17 – July 17, 2022
at Twin Cities Parks

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