She smokes, she fights, she wears what she wants—
It’s 1611 but it’s not too early for Moll Cutpurse to make her own rules.
Featuring the talents of
Avi Aharoni, Jack Baell, Paul Brissett, Tom Conry, Timothy Daly, Madeleine Farley,
Joe Finn-Bolling, Lolly Foy, Randall J. Funk, Meredith Kind, Hugh Kirsch,
Robb Krueger, Marco T. Magno, Dylan Nicole Martin, Jared Mogen, Samantha Papke, Kaija Pellinen, Dietrich Poppen, David P. Schneider, Eli Sibley, Mike Tober,
Daniel Kristian Vopava, Josh Weisenburger,and Joe Wiener  
Directed by Joseph Papke

March 2 – March 18, 2018
at The Gremlin Theatre


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