Summer Shakespeare
Training for Teens

Our Summer Shakespeare Training for Teens is a two-week intensive course designed for student actors, 16-18, looking to expand their skills by tackling America’s most-produced playwright, William Shakespeare. Through conservatory-style classwork taught by theater professionals, participants will receive training in acting, movement, voice/speech, stage combat, and text work. The skills students will develop are highly useful towards BFA program auditions as well as eminently applicable to any form of theater: if you can perform the classics, you can perform anything. As a culmination, students will perform scenes and monologues for friends and family.

The camp will be on hiatus for 2019, but will return the summer of 2020.

$450 for the course *

Phoenix Theater
2605 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408

“If you can perform the classics, you can perform anything”

* Tuition includes dinner before the performance.
Financial aid in the form of scholarships and tuition rebates for volunteer hours may be available for qualifying students.
Please contact artistic director, Joseph Papke, for information.

Our Instructors

Joseph Papke


Eli Sibley


David P. Schneider

Stage Combat

Our course work includes:

• Improvisation and warm-ups for spontaneity, grounding, and focus

• Yoga, stretching, and Pilates for flexibility and strength

• Alexander Technique training to improve posture and reduce muscular and mental tension

• Movement training and character physicalization

• Text work to analyze the human behavior present in Shakespeare’s writing

• Acting work drawing from Stanislavski’s approach to realism

• Voice work for breath support and emotional connection/release

• Speech work for clarity and intelligibility

• Fight choreography, both armed and unarmed, focusing on communication and safety