by Christopher Marlowe
directed by Joseph Papke

Dissatisfied with his accomplishments, a brilliant scholar’s hubris brings him to sell his soul in exchange for knowledge and power. But is it ever too late to repent?

by William Shakespeare
directed by Daniel Ian Joeck

A mighty storm wrecks a ship on a magical island. An exiled Duke has engineered a confrontation with his betrayers, but the storm has stirred up more than just a chance for retribution. 

Neal Beckman*,  Ethan Bjelland, Randall J. Funk*, Robb Krueger,
Morgan LeClaire
, Marci Lucht, Rick Miller, Art Moss, George Muschamp,
Nicholas Nelson
, Michael Ooms*, Marika Proctor*, Michael Renner,
Samantha Veldhouse
, and Joe Wiener*

* CAE Acting Company Member

Oct. 9 – Nov. 1, 2015
at The Minneapolis Theatre Garage

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