Helena loves Demetrius – Demetrius loves Hermia – Hermia wants to marry Lysander
against her father’s wishes – the King and Queen of the fairy world are in jealous strife –
Duke Theseus has captured a war bride – a group of local tradesmen are putting on a play in celebration and Bottom wants to play all the parts!

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Neal Beckman*, Travis Bedard, Dakotah Brown, James Coward, Timothy Daly,
Maren Findlay, Justin  Hooper, Morgan LeClaire, Bethany McHugh, Arthur Moss
Samantha Papke, Marika Proctor
*, Michael Quadrozzi, Andy Schnabel,
Hannah Steblay*, Alice Tibbetts, Mason Tyer, Megan Volkman Wilson,
and Daniel Vopava
Directed by Michael Kelley

June 17 – July 17, 2016
at Twin Cities Parks

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