A Twist of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, young lovers Giovanni and Annabella aren't just star-crossed, they're also brother and sister.  In a corrupt society preoccupied with carnal desire, who can prevent the inevitable, horrific climax?  Bloody, lustful, and rife with ironic wit, 'Tis Pity is the ultimate Jacobean revenge tragedy.

Peter Aitchison, Andrew Chambers, Brandon Ewald, Koya Frye, Kate Greenwood Gunther, Steven Herzog, Erik Hoover, Ari Hoptman, Jeff Huset, Leif Jurgensen, Foster Johns, Mark Knutson, Zachary Morgan, Jonathan Peterson, Jen Rand, Joel Raney, and Sigrid Sutter

directed by Joseph Papke


November 5 - 20, 2010
at Walker Community Church

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