Small town best friends Proteus and Valentine find themselves in the cosmopolitan world of Milan, where they both fall for the Duke's daughter. When Proteus' hometown sweetheart follows him to the big city, loyalties in love and friendship are put to the test. Throw in a band of bumbling highwaymen, some sassy, quick-witted servants, and a disobedient dog, and Shakespeare's coming of age comedy is sure to please

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Connor Bohne, Timothy Daly, Elliot Drolet, Shaina Ferguson, Daniel Joeck,
Tim Jopek, Marci Lucht, Michael Ooms, Joseph Papke, Elizabeth Powers,
Marika Proctor, Michael Quadrozzi, Mark Sweigert, Megan Volkman-Wilson,
Daniel Vopava,
and Emily Wrolson

Directed by Hannah Steblay


June 19 - July 12, 2015
at Twin Cities Parks

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